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How to Prep for Spray Tan

In order to achieve the best possible results we recommend you follow these tips: 

-Exfoliate your skin the day before. A washcloth can be used in the shower to do so. Do not use scrubs that are oil based. 

-When you come in for the Spray Tan you should not come in sweaty or with any creams on your skin. After the final shower before you come in no cream should be applied to your skin. 

-Do not use Dove body wash.

-Do not wear tight clothing that can leave marks on your body. Bring loose clothing you can wear after the spray tan (preferably dark). 

-You can choose what you wear during your spray tan (bikini, lingerie, or nude).

- If you are planning on doing any type of other treatments such as manicure, pedicure, hair styling, waxing, massages or facials it should be done the day before receiving the spray tan. 


After Spray Tan Care

To preserve your spray tan for as long as possible we offer some helpful tips:

-Reduce sweating

-Apply lotion to your body after showers (except first shower after tan) 

-When drying after a shower dab your skin dry do not rub 

-Activities that will cause it to fade faster include: (beach, pool, prolonged shower, sweating)

First Shower After Spray Tan: 

Rinse with water no soap and do not apply lotion. After a few hours you can shower again with soap and lotion.